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            Silicon chloride
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         Main products


    Tetraethyl orthosilicate


    Quality index

    Appearance:colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

    Specific gravity:d420:1.04-1.07

    Acidity:(hydrogen chloride)%:=0.1

    Content:(silicon dioxide )%:40-42

    This product can reduce cost, and owns high production quality and other the most advanced materials. This product owns antisepsis, shine resistance and rainproof, and other features.


    This product belongs to nontoxic products but chemical material. So avoid touching skin or in the body.

    Packing and transportation:200L dry, clean and airproof plastic drum and packed according to demands from customers. .

        Get covering during storage and avoid shining, drench and moisture. .

        This product gets stable chemical stability and avoids strong knocking. Transportation code: 84064.